Ferdinand marcos gold buddha1

The Gold Buddha

Case File: Yamashita's Treasure
Location: Philippines
Date: 1971
Description: The treasure included bars of gold, jewelry and statues including a Golden Buddha containing diamonds.


History: Roger Roxas was a locksmith living in the Philippines during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos.
Ferdinand marcos

Ferdinand Marcos

During one of his walks, Roxas stumbled across an area by chance that looked as if something had been buried and upon digging found signs of a burried treasure. The relics he discovered appeared to be the lost treasure of Yamashita, but a short time after going public with the discovered, Ferdinand Marcos sent men to capture the treasure and Roxas, torturing him into disclosing its location. Despite his rightful claim to the treasure, Roxas has no idea what became of the valuable treasures he discovered.
Ferdinand marcos gold buddha2 roger roxas

Roger Roxas with Buddha

Background: General Tomoyuki Yamashita was a Japanese military commander who defended Malaysia from invading British, Australian and Indian forces.
Investigations: None
Extra Notes: This case originally ran on the January 27, 1993 episode.
Results: Unsolved. Roxas passed away before he was to testify in court to his claim. He leaves behind an organization to carry on his suit against the estate of Ferdinand Marcos.

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