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William eugene hilliard

William Eugene Hillard

Real Name: William Eugene Hillard
Aliases: Garlon Russell, Rusty
Wanted For: Fraud, Rape, Child Molestation
Missing Since: September 1988


Details: William Hillard used the name "Rusty" and became acquainted with members of a nudist colony in Florida. Although the nudist colony had stringent requirements for joining, namely that single men were ineligible, "Rusty" managed to ingratiate himself with the colony's leaders and was awarded membership. "Rusty" had claimed to be a film buff and wooed investors into financing a video rental store within the nudist colony. However, in 1988 he was accused of molesting of a little girl in the nudist colony. Although "Rusty" insisted it was just horseplay, opinion turned sharply against him and Hillard departed the nudist colony without notification to avoid further heat, absconding with the bilked money. Although fraud played a part in his status as a wanted man, police had said the major charge against him was the child rape, where he could face a death sentence.
Extra Notes: His case was featured as a part of the September 27, 1989 episode. Hillard was also profiled on America’s Most Wanted.
Results: Captured. US Air Force records eventually matched up "Rusty's" profile and determined his true name was William Eugene Hillard, and that he had had multiple outstanding charges prepared against him prior to his association with the colony. Viewer's tips eventually led to his arrest. William Hillard was found guilt of rape, fraud, and child molestation, and sentenced to life imprisonment. The judge further recommended that due to Hillard's vicious and deceitful nature that he never be eligible for parole.
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