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Wendy, cynthia, and lisa

Wendy, Cynthia, and Lisa

Real Name: Wendy Lorraine Camp, Cynthia M. Britto, Lisa Renee Kregear
Nicknames: Bunny (Cynthia)
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Date: May 29, 1992


Occupation: Housewife (Wendy)
Date of Birth: (Camp) March 1, 1969, (Britto) January 17, 1986, (Kregear) October 18, 1968
Height: (Camp) 5'6", (Britto) 3'0", (Kregear) 5'4"
Weight: (Camp) 180 lbs., (Britto) 60 lbs., (Kregear) 130 lbs.
Marital Status: (Camp) Married, (Britto) Single, (Kregear) Single
Characteristics: (Britto) Brown eyes and hair, (Kregear) Blue eyes and blonde hair, (Camp) Brown eyes and brown hair

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Cynthia, Wendy, and Leon


Details: Wendy Britto-Noe-Camp was a divorced mother with a young daughter, Cynthia, from a marriage to her first husband, Christopher Britto of Sri Lanka or Kuwait, when she married Chad Noe. They had a son named Jonathan. Shortly thereafter, Wendy went into a coma and remained undiagnosed for weeks as to the cause, later determined to be multiple sclerosis. Unable or unwilling to deal with her physical difficulties, chad was one week in to Wendy's coma when during a chance meeting with Wendy's mother in the hospital hallway, he informed her that he had divorced Wendy, as well as had went to court for full custody of Johnathan. During this time frame, her sister, Kimberly Aisha Hshmi, was caring for Cynthia, but was unable to care for Jonathan, as she was a newlywed, pregnant and was moving to New York with her husband's work. Wendy's parents approached Beverly Noe, Chad's mother, and asked her to temporarily provide care for Jonathan, which she had agreed to do months before finding out Chad had divorced Wendy. She then secretly sought and won full custody of Jonathan due to Chad having had multiple children out of wedlock, many with under aged girls. He was heavily into drugs and Wendy's family felt it was drugs he had given to Wendy while she was pregnant that brought on the coma. 

Chad Noe

Chad Noe

At the time, Wendy as well as her entire family, were unaware of what had taken place. She remained in a coma a little over 16 months. She slowly improved and met Leon Camp, whom she married. During this time, she requested and received weekend visitation with Jonathan and for a month things went smoothly. Soon, though, Beverly began refusing to let her see him, claiming Leon was molesting him during the visits. Chad never even once had him in his own residence as he was a drug addict and alcoholic, and had many children out of wedlock with many different underage girls. Wendy would go to see Jonathan. Upon arrival to see him one visit she was shocked to see the house was vacant, yet no new address had ever been given to the court, nor had she been told Beverly had moved. Another visit was to take place the next week by court order and when she arrived, she was told that Beverly must have forgotten it was her weekend since she had taken Jonathan out of state to Six Flags Over Texas. This behavior soon escalated to claims that he was being abused or molested even though Beverly herself was present for each and every visit. Wendy was beyond frustrated and pointed out numerous times that no one, nor her or any family member had ever signed over parental rights to Beverly or Chad, yet the court seemed to turn a blind eye to this fact. These molestation claims had no foundation, and Wendy, Cynthia, and Leon were exonerated by Ginger Leto, the therapist the court had appointed to make a determination regarding these claims, all medical tests proved claims against anyone sexually abusing Jonathan to be false.
Visitation was allowed to continue while Chad and Beverly were cited for contempt. They continued to refuse to comply with the visitation order, Beverly took Johnathan and went into hiding, prompting Wendy's Father, Edwin Knox Taylor, to become a gun licensed Private Detective. The family had hired a private detective and soon money ran out, and to this day the family still owes the detective, as well as the lawyer who was fighting Wendy's court case, around $10,000. It is not clear if she was found or turned herself in, yet she did surface and the court ordered her to let Wendy see the child and did not demand her to return the child to Wendy, a fact that to this day mystifies her entire family. May 29, 1992, Beverly asked Chad to call Wendy and invite them to come for a visit. Chad called and spoke to her, but due to her medical condition, she was unable to drive and he said Beverly would pick her up and take her home. The next day, she and Leon were ready to go, yet Beverly refused to let him go, saying he would fight with Chad. He felt this was strange but agreed Wendy could go provided his sister, Lisa, went with her. Cynthia wanted to go as well to see her baby brother. It was a visit from which none would return.Beverly seemed extremely agitated and reluctantly had allowed Lisa and Cynthia to go and Wendy's and Lisa's family wishes that the trip had not occurred. No one suspected that harm would come to them.
Suspects: Chad Noe remains a person of interest. Two locals reported that he boasted of his responsibility for the deaths of both women and Jonathan, after which he disposed of them in a way in which they would never be found. However, without additional and more concrete evidence the police are unable to proceed with a case against him. Ida Prewitt and Beverly Noe were once booked for arson to collect insurance money. There have not been any interviews with Chad since 1999.


Grover Prewitt

Beverly Noe

Beverly Noe

Extra Notes: This case first aired on October 20, 1993.
Results: Unresolved. Ida Prewitt passed away in September 2011 at the age 82. The cause of death was cancer. On April 16, 2013, the remains of Wendy, Cynthia, and Lisa were found buried eight feet deep in an unmarked grave in Pawnee County, Oklahoma. DNA collected from Wendy's sister, Kimberly Aisha Hashmi, confirmed the identity of Wendy and Cynthia. A coroner declared they were victims of homicide. Grover Prewitt, Ida's son and Beverly's brother, was arrested on half a million dollar bail that was reduced to $50,000. Investigators believe more arrests are expected in this case. Grover pleaded not guilty and his lawyer believes he is innocent. He is awaiting trial. Beverly has since been arrested on March 28, 2014 and was charged with three counts of first degree murder in association with this case. Grover made statements that his mother (Ida Prewit) and sister (Beverly Noe), murdered Wendy, Lisa, and Cynthia.
Grover Prewitt, as of January 16th, 2015, is supposedly on his deathbed. The DA in Sapulpa who are prosecuting the case are going to offer Beverly a plea deal. The family has been told numerous times that a plea deal would never be offered in the case; yet, he told the family that if she does not take the plea deal, a deposition would be taken from Grover. The family deeply feels that the case is airtight and cannot comprehend how such a miscarriage of justice could occur. Aisha Hashmi, Wendy's sister, commented, "If Laura or Max asked us, the family, the way OTHER D.A.'s do, if we would like for a deal to be offered, then at least we would feel like we were being included. I cannot bring my sister or niece back... they are dead. I miss them everyday. My mother, brother and I have all decided that the DA and his entire staff are treating this like we are just being told to sit in the corner and shut up. They are not sharing the stratigy with us. They are not including us. yes we know that three people have died, it was OUR family! Do we not even get to be included after all these years or have a say in what type of punishment we seek? Wendy Cynthia and Lisa could care less, they are gone. We the family members are who you are seeking justice for. We pay your salary. We keep you in office. I am actively seeking a new DA to be voted in and will lobby my heart out for victims families to have more of a say when it comes to murders going to trials. After all, does it not seem unfair that now, after all the years we have waited to know what happened to them or where they were, that we are not even kept updated on the case? I was directed by the heartless DA Laura to the website where she said I could read all the latest news on the case, only to discover when I went to the site that I had to pay an anually membership fee of $25.00 to GET the information. We are totally disgusted with the sheer laziness of these public officials. After finding the boied in 2013, knowing that it was on property held by Ida, Beverly and Grover, should that have not been proof enough that they were the ones who killed them? It still took another year and a half to arrest anyone and then let Grover out on bail and never even informed our family or Leon! I found out from one of Beverly's family members that he had been released about six months prior! I want to see Beverly, Debbie, Grover and Chad in jail for the rest of their lives as I know in my heart that they were all involved. My sister's clothing showed 27 stab wounds. Twenty-seven plus two shots that had been given to her. How much rage do you think we feel? Do they care?!"

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