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Victoria doroshenko

Real Name: Victoria Doroshenko
Case: Medical Miracle
Date: December 4, 1984
Location: Washington


Details: Victoria Doroshenko was a woman who suffered from epilepsy but was helped by the mysterious dog that could predict her seizures. On December 4, 1984 at 1:45am, Victoria Doroshenko was involved in an accident where she suffered head injuries. A year later, she moved to Washington State to start a new life. In August 1986, while in the hospital, she suffered a seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy with little chance of recovery. In 1987, Victoria heard about a program that trained dogs to help people with handicaps with their daily lives. A dog was picked out for Victoria. While she was with the first dog, Victoria had a seizure, but the dog did nothing.

A second dog named Harley was brought in. Victoria suffered a seizure and Harley came to her aid.
Harley the dog


Once Harley was with Victoria permanently, her anxiety calmed down and soon resumed classes at college. One day, Harley unusually began barking for no reason. She soon felt unwell and went into a classroom and asked if she could sit down for a while. Harley calmed down once she was in the classroom. Five minutes later, Victoria suffered a major seizure. It appeared that Harley somehow knew that Victoria was going to have a seisure. His barking was a sign for Victoria to go to a safe place. After that, he never failed to warn Victoria that she was about to have a seizure, and usually gave 15-45 minutes notice. Sadly, in June 1990, Harley became ill and died in July 1990.
Fifteen other dogs have been reported to being able to predict epileptic seizures, 6 of them originated from the same facility as Harley.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 14, 1990 episode.
Results: Unsolved. As of February 2009, according to her daughter, Haley, Victoria Doroshenko still is in and out of the hospital, and could be better, but is a fighter; she does not suffer from seizures, at least not nearly as often, and does not have a service dog. She has a little terrier that keeps her spirits up.
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