Trisha zemba

Real Name: Trisha Zemba
Case: Medical Mystery
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Date: December 24, 1993


Details: On Christmas Eve, 1993, fourteen-year-old Trish Zemba lost control and fell from her horse while out on a ride. Because she was in shock, she did not realize how serious her injuries were. Ten days later, while in the bath tub, she passed out. Her pain increased tremendously and she had trouble moving. After five weeks of pain, her parents took her to the hospital. The doctors gave her large amounts of morphine, but it did not help relieve her pain. She was later diagnosed with a rare and usually incurable nerve disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD; this caused the horrendous pain, especially in her legs.
She was given several injections of pain-killing drugs into her spinal column, but they did not seem to help. The pain continued to worsen and doctors feared that she would have to be institutionalized. Her parents were told that most patients with RSD either die, commit suicide, or go insane due to the pain. Despite the bleak outcome, Trish's parents continued to pray for her, hoping for a miracle.
Her doctors proposed a surgery that is usually for terminal cancer patients: implanting a morphine pump into her body. Trish's family prayed for her recovery for weeks, all the way up until the day before her surgery. Amazingly, on March 11, 1994, Trish's pain inexplicably vanished; this was just one day before her surgery. Within minutes, she was able to get up from her bed and walk into the hallway. Her doctors had no explanation for her recovery.
Trish and her family believe that her recovery was due to the infinite power of faith.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the September 20, 1996 episode. Trish's case was also featured on It's a Miracle.
Results: Unsolved