Tracy davis

Tracy Davis

Real Name: Tracy Davis (previously Constance Harman)
Aliases: None known
Wanted For: Abduction
Missing Since: June 13, 1990


Details: Tracy Davis is wanted for abducting her grandson, John Harman, from her daughter, Camela Harman. They were last seen in Pennsylvania on June 13, 1990. Camela discovered that he was missing and that the phone lines had been cut. In the backyard she found a blanket and a note written by Tracy where she confessed to kidnapping John. The story began in January 1982 when Camela, still in college, and her husband separated. Just twenty at the time, Camela reluctantly moved her and John in with Tracy. Ever since she was a child, Tracy had been very controlling over Camela and her sisters. Camela planned to stay with her mother for only a brief time. Within months, she had found a job and began to go to secretarial school, but her relationship with her mother remained strained. Tracy wanted Camela to quit school and work and stay at home and stay on welfare. Tracy became obsessed with John and felt that Camela was a bad mother. In September 1982, Camela came home from work to find the locks on the doors were changed. Tracy refused to let her see John. A year would passed before Camela would be able to have custody of John again. Tracy, however, received visitation rights, and continued to take Camela back to court in an attempt to regain custody. One time, Tracy even kept John hidden from his mother for three weeks. In May 1988, Tracy abducted John while he was playing with friends and flew to Las Vegas. Tracy was charged with kidnapping and they were not found until February 15, 1989. Camela's sister, Holly, learned that Tracy and John had returned to Pennsylvania and were staying with Tracy's mother. Holly and her husband were able to grab John and take him back to Camela. They called the police, but Tracy had once again vanished. John at first seemed reluctant to come back with Camela. She soon learned that Tracy had lied to John, saying that Camela had moved, thrown out all of his toys, and wanted nothing to do with him. Camela was able to convince John that Tracy was lying and he finally accepted her and returned to her. In July of 1989, Camela discovered that the phone lines had been cut. John told his mother that Tracy had snuck in during the night and tried to take him away, but he refused to go. Camela soon moved them to another town. Everything seemed fine until June 13, 1990, when Tracy abducted John once again. They have now been missing for over two years.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 25, 1992 episode.
In 1977, Tracy, who was then going by her real name, Constance Harman, was arrested for killing her boyfriend and disposing of his body with the help of Camela. However, she claimed self-defense and was acquitted.
Results: Captured. John and Tracy were located as a result of the broadcast. He was reunited with his mother, and she was sent to prison. She now lives alone and her children have ceased all contact with her.

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