Keith reinhard3 tom young

Tom Young

Real Name: Thomas Young
Case: Suspicious Death
Location: Silver Plume, Colorado
Date: September 7, 1987


Details: On September 7, 1987, Tom Young left his store in Silver Plume, Colorado, with his dog and told his friends he was going on a vacation, but he was never seen again. Months later, a man named Keith Reinhard moved to Silver Plume and opened an antique store at the same building that Tom had his store. He became fascinated with Tom's disappearance and began writing a novel about it. In early 1988, the remains of Tom Young and his dog were discovered in the mountains. Tom's gun was found beside him and authorities ruled that Tom had commited suicide. Then, on August 7, 1988, Keith left the store late in the afternoon to go on a hike and vanished. Keith has never been found, and some speculate that Tom's death was not a suicide and that both men were murdered. One reason that Tom's death may not be a suicide is because no ballistic testing was done to prove that Tom's gun was the one that shot him.
Suspects: Keith and Tom's family and friends believe that the men discovered something related to the building that they shouldn't have discovered and that they were murdered as a result.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the January 30, 1990 episode.
Results: Unsolved

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