Tom johnson

A composite of Tom Johnson

Real Name: Unknown, Tom Johnson is believed to be an alias.
Aliases: None
Wanted For: Murder, assault with a deadly weapon.
Missing Since: 1994


Details: In September 1992, a music video company in Nashville, Tennessee ran ads for a CPU and monitor in the classified section of a newspaper. On October 7th, a man calling himself Tom Johnson inquired, saying he was a freelance computer programmer and database consultant. A few days later, Tom met with Jeremy Rolfs, a video tape editor, for a demonstration of the equipment. The two agreed on a price and afterwards, Tom requested that the equipment be delivered to Marietta, Georgia. At first, the equipment was set to be delivered directly to Tom's office, but Tom said that the directions were so complex that it'd be easier to meet up at the Knights Inn, a motel in town.

Heather uffleman

Heather Uffleman

At 1:30 AM on October 24th, Jeremy and his fiance Heather Uffelman set off for Marietta. They arrived at the motel at 7:30. Tom said his business partner had the check and would be along in about half an hour, so Jeremy and Heather went out for breakfast. At 8, Tom suggested they load the computer into his car while they waited, which they agreed to. For 20 minutes, the three made small talk in Tom's motel room before Tom pulled out a gun. Tom had Jeremy and Heather lay down on the ground and roll themselves up in bedsheets before he hit both of them repeatedly in the head with a hammer. Jeremy remained conscious throughout the ordeal and was able to see Tom dust the countertop for fingerprints before leaving. As soon as Tom left, Jeremy crawled to get help for him and Heather. They were rushed to a hospital, where Heather succumbed to her injuries around 12:30 PM. Jeremy was released on October 27th.
Police questioned witnesses and searched the motel room. One of the few clues they found was the hammer, which was still wrapped in plastic. They were unable to determine where it was purchased. The police also learned that an hour before the attack, while Jeremy and Heather were having breakfast, a woman staying at the motel complained of a lot of noise coming from Tom's room. The police believe the woman may have been an accomplice of Tom's, trying to sabotage the plan when she learned he intended to murder them instead of steal. Tom's car was a black or dark brown colored Dodge Dynasty with red interior and Tennessee plates.
The stolen computer was an Apple Quadra 950. It had a 4 GB Hard Drive, 30 MB of RAM, and a 125 MB optical drive. The CPU's serial number was #F62164JW671. The Monitor was a 24" super high resolution color display with the serial number #92020501.
Extra Notes: This segment ran for the first time April 27, 1994.
Results: Wanted - Jeremy Rolfs was later killed on March 31, 1997 in a car accident in South Africa; he was hit head-on by a driver who had apparently fallen asleep at the wheel. He was 27 years old. The identity of Heather's killer has never been revealed.

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