Thomas david dixon

Thomas David Dixon

Real Name: Thomas David Dixon
Aliases: None Known
Wanted For: Armed Robbery
Missing Since: October 1995


Details: Forty-nine-year-old Thomas David Dixon is a career bank robber who has been in and out of prison for over twenty years. In 1984, after spending ten years in prison, Dixon, with several different accomplices, robbed several South Carolina banks at gunpoint. In all of his robberies, he would quickly take control of everyone in the bank. He would usually have his accomplice grab the money. The two would then flee before the police could arrive.
After seven robberies, Dixon went underground, living with a girlfriend in a remote North Carolina cabin. Investigators arrested him while jogging and searched his cabin. They found a large arsenal of weapons, including assault rifles and dynamite. He was convicted of armed robbery and was sentenced to another ten years in prison.
In December of 1994, he was paroled again. Almost immediately, he began robbing banks again; this time, he worked alone. During the summer of 1995, he committed five robberies. He also began taunting police and the FBI by telling them which bank that he would hit next. In one call, he claimed that he would hit a bank in Matthews, North Carolina. Instead, he robbed a bank in Columbia, South Carolina, which was eighty miles away. His last known heist was on September 11, 1995.
On October 4, 1995, his getaway car was found abandoned in South Carolina. Pictures of weapons were found in the car, along with rambling messages from Dixon. He has not been seen or heard from since. Investigators suspect that he is losing his sanity; they fear that he may become violent if confronted.
Extra Notes: His segment ran on the February 2, 1996 episode.
Dixon is not to be confused with Tom Dixon, the murderer of Gary Simmons.
Results: Captured. One week before the broadcast, Dixon robbed a bank in Pennsylvania. A few days later, he checked into a motel in Clarksville, Tennessee. A housekeeper at the motel noted that he was behaving suspiciously because he wouldn't sit down and refused to let her see or touch his luggage. When Unsolved Mysteries aired Dixon's case, the housekeeper recognized him and contacted the show. He was soon arrested at the motel by FBI agents. Dixon pleaded guilty to seven robberies and was sentenced to twenty-eight years in prison. He is now deceased.

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