Sherryl Borkowski (left)

Real Name: Evonne Elizabeth (last name unrevealed)
Case: Lost Sister
Location: Unrevealed
Date: 1965


Details: In 1955, Joyce McKelvie was just seventeen when she married "Stan Jones". Stan was not Joyce's first choice, but she was three months pregnant with another man's baby and Stan was willing to raise the child as his own. Joyce also thought he loved her. Sherryl Borkowski, Joyce's oldest daughter, is the child Stan had promised to raise. But by the time Sherryl was born, Joyce was already sure that the marriage was a mistake. Still, over the next few years, Joyce and Stan had two more children. According to Joyce's children, the marriage was in a constant state of turmoil, violence and abuse. Finally, in 1962, Stan and Joyce divorced.
Joyce began rebuilding her life and started dating an old boyfriend named "Brad". Soon, she was pregnant with her fourth child. On February 15, 1963, Joyce gave birth to a daughter, Evonne Elizabeth. From the first moment, Sherryl felt a powerful bond with her new sister, and over the next year became like a second mother to Evonne. Unfortunately, Joyce's romance with Brad, Evonne's father, did not last. Soon, Stan was back living with Joyce. However, Stan wanted nothing to do with another child that was not his own; he forced Joyce to give Evonne to foster parents. Several months later, Sherryl traveled across town with Joyce and Stan to the foster home. She was thrilled to see Evonne again but was dismayed to learn that they had actually come to say good-bye. It was the last time Sherryl saw her sister.
In the following months, family members say that Stan continued to abuse Joyce. Finally, after the birth of her fifth child, Joyce left Stan for good, hiding out in motels to escape. Despite her fear of Stan, Joyce was determined to get Evonne back and start a new life for all her children. Shortly before Christmas, 1965, Joyce told her sister that she had met someone and was going to get married. But Joyce's plans were not to be. On December 24, 1965, Stan came to Joyce's apartment and, with his children asleep upstairs, attacked Joyce with a knife. When Joyce's fiancee, Ron Sandovich, tried to intervene, Stan stabbed him in the chest. Tragically, Joyce bled to death on her kitchen floor. Her children were left motherless, and Evonne disappeared into the foster care system.
In recent years, Sherryl has discovered why she shared such a special bond with Evonne. She now believes their mother's old boyfriend, "Brad," is father to them both. Today, Sherryl is desperately hoping to find Evonne, but she has been unable to locate Evonne's birth records. Sherryl believes Evonne was born in Madison Heights, Michigan, just outside Detroit, on February 15, 1963. Evonne would be fifty-five-years-old today. She may not have any idea what happened to her mother so many years ago.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 17, 1995 episode.
Results: Unsolved