Real Name: James White
Case: Lost Father
Date: 1940s
Location: Unrevealed


Details: Janet Parker O'Regan is searching for her father, James White, who was an American soldier stationed in Great Britain during World War II. He had a brief relationship with Janet's mother, until she ended the relationship when she learned that he was married and had children in the United States. Janet's mother claimed that he was later killed during the war because she was ashamed of his other family. However, when Janet developed breast cancer, her mother decided to tell her that James did not die in the war. Heir hunter Josh Butler helped in Janet's search for her father. Janet also wrote a letter addressed to her father's family, which stated that she did not want to disrupt their lives, and that she just wanted to find him.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the November 9, 1988 episode.
Results: Solved. Janet's father's other children were located because of the broadcast, but they were upset because they had broadcasted James's wartime affair on national television. They then threatened to sue Unsolved Mysteries because of the reveal. It is unknown whether Janet was reunited with her father or his family.
Links: None

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