Georgia ann boyd

Georgia Boyd

Real Name: Unknown, possibly Georgia Ann Boyd
Case: Lost Family
Location: Georgia
Date: 1977


Details: In July 1977, twenty-one-year-old Georgia Boyd began dating Dereld Tacey when they met at a carnival; they fell in love and soon married. She worked as a dancer at a local bar where she told Dereld that she was from North Carolina and that most people called her "Geri." She had two daughters from her first marriage, and she and Dereld had two sons. They were happily married for several years, but during this time, she acted strangely. She would never answer the phone unless Dereld gave her a prearranged code through it. On several occasions, she was harassed and even stalked by unknown individuals. One night, when Derald picked her up from work, a van began chasing them through the streets. They eventually escaped, but she would remain secretive about who was responsible. Sometimes, she would claim that her ex-husband was the harasser. Other times, she would refuse to tell Dereld who was responsible. One night, a man tried to break into their house, but he escaped before Dereld could see who he was.

Dereld Taceyjpg

Dereld Tacey

They later moved, as Dereld was in the army, and the harassment seemed to stop. After the birth of their second son, Georgia began suffering from violent headaches. She was eventually hospitalized and slipped into a coma. A few days later, she died at the age of 22, leaving behind Dereld and four young children. When Dereld tried to contact her family members, he realized that he had never actually met any of them; in fact, he had almost no idea about her past. An elderly woman who had lived with the Taceys for a few months, whom Georgia called "Nana", turned out to not be a blood relative. Dereld went back to the bar where Georgia worked to ask about her and her family; for unknown reasons, everyone claimed to not know her. In fact, people started telling Dereld to stop searching for information about her. He kept doing so, but each time, people seemed unwilling to talk.
Dereld contacted a local TV station to air a picture of Georgia for 24 hours, asking anyone with information to contact him. For unknown reasons, it was only shown once for a few seconds. Dereld still does not understand why nobody is willing to tell him about her and her family. All he knows is that she was apparently from Augusta, Georgia, and that her father was Native American. He is searching for her family to tell them what happened to her. He also wants her daughters and his sons to be reunited with their mother's family.

Gary moore with daughters

Gary Moore with daughters

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the October 14, 1992 episode.
Results: Solved. Thanks to viewers' tips, Dereld has learned that Georgia's real name was Edith Geraldine Johns-Moore, and her family lived in Savannah instead of Augusta. Her daughters, Sally and Angel, were reunited with their biological father, Gary Moore, and Derald met several of her relatives. He also learned that Edith had two more children, Rhonda and Carl, prior to Sally and Angel; all of her children have now been reunited. The reasons why she was harassed and why her past was kept secret are unknown.
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