• Camarena siblings in 1956

Real Names: Phyllis, Rosemary, Nancy, and Robert Camarena
Case: Lost Siblings
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Date: November 26, 1956


Details: When she was three, Dolores "Lori" DeLorme Magnin was adopted under mysterious circumstances by the DeLorme family in Kansas City, Missouri. The reasons for her adoption were kept secret by her adopted family. Her family realized that something was not right, as she began having nightmares and became distant from them. Her adoptive mother took her to a therapist, who determined that she had gone through a traumatic event as a young child.
A few years later, she saw her adoptive father cleaning his gun. The gun brought back a memory: she remembered that her birth father had a gun when he was taken away by police. However, she did not realize what this meant at the time. She had no idea what had happened to her birth parents or her brother and three sisters. As she grew up, Lori searched for her birth family. At age sixteen, her adoptive mother gave her some papers from her adoption. The papers showed that her birth mother, Frances Rivas Camarena, had died on November 27, 1956, in Kansas City.
With little else to go on, Lori decided to move on with her life. She married and started a family of her own. However, she was still haunted by her past. Along with her husband and son, Lori searched the Kansas City Star for any information about her mother. On the front page of a newspaper on November 27, 1956, the day of Frances's death, was a picture of Lori with her four siblings (shown above). The article told her what happened: her mother had been murdered.
During the pre-dawn hours of November 26, 1956, Lori's father Alexander arrived home drunk. He had a handgun and told Frances that he could hold it to her head and it wouldn't go off. Even though she pleaded for him not to do it, he placed the gun to her head and it went off. She was mortally wounded and died the next day. Alexander Camarena was convicted of second degree murder and served eight years in prison; he died in St. Louis, Missouri in 1991. His three children and two step-daughters, Phyllis, Rosemary, Lori, Nancy, and Robert were all given up for adoption. Lori is still searching for them.
Extra Notes: This segment was featured as part of the July 9, 2001 episode.

  • Lori reunited with her family
  • Lori's sister Nancy

Results: Solved. Just minutes after the broadcast, Ruth Crook, Lori's biological cousin, called the telecenter. A friend of Ruth had seen the story and told Ruth that her cousin was looking for her and the rest of their family.
Three weeks later, Lori was at her adopted sister's house where she was reunited with her older biological sister Rosemary, along with her cousin Ruth, and several other cousins, aunts, and uncles. Lori's oldest sister Phyllis was unable to attend the reunion, but the two reunited later. Sadly, Lori's youngest sibling, Robert, died in 1982. The last sibling, Nancy, was located after the reunion was held.