Michelle goldie

Michelle Fazzani

Real Name: Michelle Fazzani (birth name)
Case: Lost Daughter
Location: England
Date: 1964

Delia goldie


Details: In Spring 1964, an eighteen-year-old English woman named Delia Fazzani-Goldie learned that she was pregnant, so she turned to her boyfriend for support. However, he claimed that the child was not his. He did not want to be responsible for the child, so the two broke up. Delia was extremely frightened to tell the news to her strict Roman Catholic father, an Italian immigrant who ran a successful restaurant in London.
For seven months, she hid her pregnancy with corsets and loose clothes. Finally, when she could not hide it any longer, she convinced a friend to tell her parents. Her father was outraged and told her that she would not be keeping the child. Her mother, however, wanted to keep the child and raise it as their own. Against her will, he sent her to the Loreto Convent. The convent served as a home for unwed mothers; it also facilitated adoptions.
While there, the expectant mothers did several chores. Those closest to term were given extra chores, as the nuns believed that the strenuous activity helped with the birthing process. On November 2, 1964, Delia gave birth a daughter, whom she named Michelle. She was only allowed to see the child four times per day, in half hour increments.
When Michelle was four weeks later, Delia's parents visited the convent. She hoped that her father would change his mind and let her keep the child. However, he refused to even look at his granddaughter. Two weeks later, Delia was told that a couple had been found to adopt Michelle. The parents were American, with the father being in the Air Force, stationed at North Hampton. Delia signed papers which allowed her daughter to be adopted.
Two weeks later, at the Westminster offices of the Catholic Children's Society, she had one final chance to visit her daughter. While alone, she slipped a letter in Michelle's blanket, explaining that she loved her and did not give her up willingly. Later that day, Michelle was given to her adoptive parents.
Delia was picked up by her parents a short time later. Delia married twice, but had no other children. For years, they did not discuss Michelle. Delia's father died in 1976, but her mother still did not discuss the child. Prior to her death in 1991, however, Rosa Linda revealed to Delia on her deathbed that she learned the last name of Michelle's adoptive parents - Walters - and implored Delia to find her granddaughter.
Delia now wants to find and reunited with her long-lost daughter.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the August 12, 1992 episode.

  • Laura and Delia reunited

Results: Solved. In July 1992, Delia learned that Michelle had been renamed Laura Walters-Frankland. An adoption's official agreed to send a letter that Delia had written to her. In the brief note, she said that she would be on Unsolved Mysteries and asked her to view the broadcast.
Laura, who now lives in New York Mills, New York, called the telecenter and asked to be put in touch with her birth mother. A few weeks later, on September 19, 1992, they were reunited at Syracuse International Airport. Delia also met her two grandchildren and Laura's husband. At Christmastime, Laura and her family traveled to England to meet Delia's family.
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