Allagash2 abductees

Jack and Jim Weiner, Chuck Rak, and Charlie Foltz

Case File: The Allagash Abductions
Location: Allagash, Maine
Date: August 20, 1976
Description: Allagash is a town in Aroostook County in Northern Maine, with surrounding woodlands well-traveled by hunters, hikers, and campers. The craft that apparently abducted the four men was described as a bright object in the sky that flashed light down onto them.


History: In August of 1976, four men, brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, and their friends Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz, went on a camping trip for two weeks in the Allagash Wilderness in Maine. On the second night, Jim noticed a strange bright object in the sky that appeared for about thirty seconds and then vanished. Two days later on August 20, the men were fishing in a boat when the bright object appeared again. This time, the object shot out a bright light, which began following the men. The men began to paddle back to shore, but the next thing they remembered was being on shore and the bright light vanishing. The men thought it was strange that the fire that they had set minutes before they went fishing had completely burnt out, suggesting that they had been gone for several hours.

Allagash3 ufo

The Mysterious Light

The four men spent six more days in the wilderness, but never again saw the bright object. The men told their families and friends about the strange sightings, but nobody believed them. Then, in 1988, Jack and Jim began having strange nightmares about the four men sitting on a bench naked and feeling very fearful. Jim decided to contact UFO researcher Ray Fowler in order to help with the strange nightmares. The four men decided to go under hypnosis and described in frightening detail about how they were abducted and then probed by aliens back in 1976. They each took polygraph examinations and passed. However, skeptics are not certain that their stories are true and believe that the strange nightmares and the confessions under hypnosis were a result of watching movies and TV shows about aliens. However, the four men are certain that what happened to them is real.
Background: Allagash has a population of 277. Jack and Jim Weiner first met Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz in high school.

Allagash1 wilderness

Allagash Wilderness

Investigations: UFO researcher Ray Fowler and psychiatrist and author Dr. John Mack both investigated and studied the case of the Allagash Abductions.
Extra Notes: This case was featured as a part of the September 18, 1994 episode.
Results: Unsolved

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