Terri mcclure1

Terri McClure

Real Name: Terri Marie McClure
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Carson City, Nevada
Date: January 14, 1983


Details: On Friday, January 14, 1983, thirty-eight-year-old Timothy "Tim" McClure was married in Lake Tahoe with his sixty-two-year-old mother, Terri McClure, by his side. Tim had lived off-and-on with his mother during his twenties; the two often went out to dinner together and gambled at local casinos.
On the night of Tim's wedding, the newlyweds and their parents celebrated by gambling at the nearby casinos. At 10 pm, Terri said goodbye to her son after he walked her to her car. She was planning to return home to Reno, Nevada, about an hour away. She was never seen alive again.
At 6 pm the next evening, Tim and his new wife went to Terri's home to visit her; however, she was not there. After calling several friends and relatives, Tim called the police to report his mother missing. Three days later, on Monday, January 17, Terri's car was found in a Carson City casino parking lot about a half hour away from Lake Tahoe. Terri was found shot twice in the head in her own car and was believed to have been killed the night of her son's wedding. Authorities found that the keys were still in the ignition, her purse was missing, but her jewelry remained on her body.
The next day, police began looking at her son Tim as a suspect in her murder. Circumstantial evidence seemed to point to him as being responsible for his mother's death. However, the Nevada DA declined to prosecute. Tim, along with many of his family and friends, insist that he is innocent and that his mother's killer is still out there.


Suspects: From the beginning, authorities considered Terri's son Timothy McClure a suspect in her murder. When questioned, Tim told police that after saying goodbye to his mother at 10 pm, he returned to the casino. Since his wife was gambling with his parents, Tim decided to gamble alone for about two hours. He then rejoined his wife, and the two went dancing until dawn the next morning. Authorities, however, have been unable to substantiate Tim's or his wife's whereabouts for that night. The couple was also unable to name any of the places that they had been to that night.
Tim also told police that two days before his mother's body was discovered, he had searched the main highway between Lake Tahoe and Reno for his mother's purse. The authorities found it odd that he was retracing his mother's steps, looking for an item that nobody had known was missing at the time. Tim, however, claimed that his sister had given him the idea to look for the purse.
Tim also searched the parking lots of the casinos on his mother's route, looking for her car. He looked through every lot on that route except for one: the parking lot where Terri's body was later found. Tim claimed that a "gut feeling" kept him from entering this specific parking lot.
Authorities were also suspicious of a phone call Tim had made to cancel his mother's credit cards. He claims that he made the call on Monday, January 17, which was the day that Terri's body was found. However, the credit card company claims that he called on Friday, before his mother even disappeared. Authorities received the memo written by the credit company's employee; it states that on Friday, Tim told them that his mother was deceased. Tim, however, claims that the employee was mistaken.
Six months before she was murdered, Terri took out a $10,000 insurance policy on her life. Tim and one of his sisters were named as co-beneficiaries. Authorities suspect that this may have been the motive for the murder. Tim, however, claims that he would never kill his mother for money.
One month after the murder, Tim and his wife agreed to take polygraph tests. Both tests indicated deception. Tim claimed that the situation was awkward and uncomfortable, which led him to failing the test.
Extra Notes: This segment originally aired on the April 5, 1989 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
It is believed to be one of the only cases where a suspect has contacted Unsolved Mysteries in an attempt to clear his/her name.
Results: Unresolved. In September of 1992, Tim McClure was arrested for the murder of his mother. Some tips from the broadcast helped in the police investigation. However, in January of 1993, the Nevada D.A. ultimately decided not to prosecute McClure and the case was dismissed with prejudice. This ruling means that Tim can never again be arrested in this case.
Terri's murder remains unsolved, although Tim remains the prime suspect. Terri's granddaughter has commented that much of the remaining family members do believe Tim killed his mother, and his ex-wife knows he did, but she may be withholding information.