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Teresita basa

Teresita Basa

Real Name: Teresita Basa
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Date: February 21, 1977


Details: Born in the Philippines in 1929, Teresita Basa was a respiratory therapist at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. She was quiet and unassuming, but in February 1977, the fire department was called to put out a fire in her home. In the blaze, they found her nude body under a burning mattress with a butcher knife buried in her chest.
Suspects: The police pursued several leads, but they were all subsequently dismissed.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the April 25, 1990 episode. It was also covered in the book, Houses of Horror, by Richard Winer.

Teresita basa killer

Alan Showery

Results: Solved. Several months after the murder, Teresita's coworker, Remy Chua, another native from the Philippines, began having visions and dreams in which she appeared to her, begging her to go to the police and tell what had happened to her. After some prodding from her husband, Joe, Remy gave Detective Joe Stachula enough information to implicate Alan Showery, a hospital orderly, who had come to her home to fix her TV. He killed her and took some of her jewelry to give to his girlfriend. He was convicted of her murder on February 23, 1979, receiving only a fourteen year sentence for his cold blooded crime.

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