Tallman house

Tallman House

Case File: Tallman House
Location: Horicon, Wisconsin
Date: February 1987
Description: The Tallman House is depicted as a one-floor suburban home. It is unknown if the house in the clip was was actually the Tallman's former residence.


History: In February of 1987, Alan and Debby Tallman brought home a bunk bed that they purchased at a second hand shop and they put in their basement. When the Tallmans moved the bed upstairs in May of 1987, it marked the beginning of nine months of horror for the family.

Tallman bunk bed

The bunk bed

Since the first night the beds were slept in, the house became haunted. The children, who were rarely ill before, suddenly became ill for no apparent reason. The night that the family moved the beds upstairs, their son "Danny" was in the room next to it, and that night the radio apparently took on a life of its own, turning itself on and randomly switching the channels under its own power, as the son reported that he saw the radio's vindicator moving itself. A few weeks later, Alan was painting the walls in his basement when he went up for lunch and placed the brush on the table, but when he returned, the brush was in the bucket and standing up. When the youngest daughter was sleeping in the bunk bed, she claimed that she had seen a witch and fire, and then a month later, Danny saw the same thing. The family pastor was brought in, and he felt the presence of the devil inside the house. Several times, doors would bang open and shut, strange voices would call out of nowhere, and a week before Christmas, Danny told his mother he wanted to leave, Frustrated, Alan told the spirits to get out of his house, and that if they wanted to fight someone, they could fight him. Then, a few weeks later on January 7, 1988, Alan returned home from the late shift, and he heard an eerie, howling sound, and went to investigate.

Tallman fire

Fire seen by Alan

Then, a voice came out of the howling and said "come here". Alan went around the back to see if anyone was there, and then went back to the garage and then saw that it was on fire, went back inside to get a fire extinguisher, but when he came back out, he saw that the fire was gone, and the garage door undamaged with no visible signs of recent fire consumation. When Alan got back inside, he went to reach his lunch pail that he had set down, but the entity then threw it across the room. Alan started sleeping in his daughters' room to provide protection. Debby then called the pastor because of what had happened to Alan. A few days later, Alan was working late and asked a relative to watch the girls. His relative was a complete skeptic, until that night, when he saw a horrible figure, and screamed. Debby then told the relative to get everything together, and that they were leaving forever. Two weeks later, the Tallmans had the bunk beds destroyed. Afterwards, the Tallmans had no further paranormal experiences, and in April 1988, a family moved into the Tallmans' old home and have had no haunting experiences.
Background: The house that the Tallmans lived in had no apparent history of hauntings. Horicon, Wisconsin, is a small farming town of just 3800. It is a safe and prosperous place. The Tallmans moved into their house in April of 1986.
Investigations: None
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of a Halloween episode that aired on October 26, 1988. The Tallmans were beset by unwanted attention as a result of earlier ghost hysteria, which they did not seek. They had turned down a lucrative tabloid offer about their experience as they did not think it right to make any money off their children's misfortune. The Tallmans agreed to share their story with Unsolved Mysteries under three conditions: they were censored during the interview, their children's names were to be protected by alias and that all reenactments of their experiences be done by actors playing the Tallman family.
The Tallman House activity was described in greater extent in the book, "Haunted America" by Michael Norman and Beth Scott, but at no time in their research do they link the hauntings to a bunk bed. The activity is instead linked to the property as being located on or near former Native American burial grounds.
Results: Unsolved

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