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Dearest Etta,

I live in New Brunswick, Canada.  For 7 days now a wonderful young man of 22, Mitchell Veenhuis is missing.  The person that saw him last was his roomate.  Mitchell told him he'd be back in half an hour but never returened and no one has seen him since no clues yet. His licence plate number is JEK814.  I don't know if you travel for things like this, we'd all appreciate your help in any way.

Pauline Hatto

Woodstook, NB


pauline.hatto@gmail.com47.54.163.107 13:19, October 26, 2015 (UTC)

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Etta Smith did not have a vision of where Melanie Uribe's body was. She was told where the body was dumped. I know, I'm the babysitter, the so-called niece. I know the truth. She told me everything first, but I refused to go find the body with her in Lopez Canyon.