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Susan Walsh

Real Name: Susan Walsh
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Nutley, New Jersey
Date: July 16, 1996


Occupation: Reporter and Stripper
Date of Birth: February 18, 1960
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 pounds
Marital Status: Divorced
Characteristics: Caucasian female. Bleached blond hair, blue eyes.


Details: On July 16, 1996, 36 year old Susan Walsh hurriedly dropped her son David off at her estranged husband's house. Although she didn't say where she was going, she claimed she would return within a few minutes, but she never did, vanishing into the streets of Nutley, New Jersey. Although authorities believe that Susan chose to disappear, it's also believed she met with foul play, possibly murdered by mobsters, dying of a drug overdose or vanishing into the local strange sub-culture of sex and danger. From her early childhood, Susan's dream was to be a poet and a writer, but a broken home and unhappy childhood made reaching her goal a difficult struggle. By the time she was in her twenties, Susan was an alcoholic, drug addict and stripper. Stripping helped pay her way through college, but she still kept her dream in mind. She graduated in 1984, and began cleaning up her act. By 1988, she was four years sober, married, and a devoted mother. The two things that were most important to her were her son and her job as a journalist, but she and her husband eventually separated, and in order to support her son, Susan went back to stripping. Ironically, stripping provided the critical boost to Susan's journalist career. She eventually got an internship at New York's free-wheeling "Village Voice," researching the sex industry. She soon found a great story about Russian mobsters in New Jersey who were allegedly forcing young Russian women to work in strip clubs like slaves. Susan earned praise for her article, but she also received threats and felt she may have made enemies. Her next project may have also placed her in danger. In the early Ninties, bizarre vampire clubs began appearing in New York's Greenwich Village boasting a wealthy clientele, many of whom claimed to be real blood drinkers. Susan started researching this vampire world, even dating a man who claimed to be part of the undead. Susan wrote a detailed article about vampirism, but she apparently believed too much into it and became upset when the "Village Voice" did not run her story. In June of 1996, a month before she vanished, Susan's career was again on an up-swing. She had done primary research for the "Red Light: Inside the Sex" by James Ridgeway and Sylvia Plachy. However, the night of the publisher's party, James noticed that Susan's wrists were bandaged, and he learned that she was taking tranquilizers and had started drinking again. Susan however brushed it off and said she would get help if she thought needed it. By then, Susan was back to dancing, and during a documentary made by an old friend, Jill Moreley, Susan talked about the toll that stripping had taken on her life, and how it was difficult for her to hold on to even life. Two days after Jill last saw her, Susan mysterious disappeared. It was believed that she collapsed from depression and poor health, but police realized that if that were the case, her body would have been found by now or she would have surfaced in a hospital. Her family and friends believe her continued absence meant that she was deceased. However, the authorities decided that for some unknown reason, Susan chose to disappear. Detectives have spoken to several people who have claimed to have seen Susan, including one of her old friends, Melissa Hines. Melissa claims that a month after Susan vanished, she saw her next to a black car, and when she yelled her name, Susan and the men she was with went into the car and drove off. The license plate number was tracked down, and the driver said he believed that he was with Susan around the time she was spotted, but he could not be certain. Melissa believes that if Susan is alive, she may be deliberately hiding out because she was in danger and that the mob was after her. Before she vanished, Susan and her friend Melissa were followed several times. To this day, nobody knows what really happened to Susan Walsh.
Suspects: Many believe that Susan met with foul play and that her disappearance was related to the Russian mob, or it was related to the vampire clubs and cults. Some believe she died of a drug overdose, while the police believe she left on her own accord.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the January 31, 1997 episode.
Results: Unsolved

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