Susan and joe

Susan and Joe in 1946

Real Name: Susan Bethina King
Case: Lost Sister
Location: Hugo, Colorado
Date: 1946


Details:Virginia Burns is searching for her lost half-sister, Susan King, who was born in 1944. Susan was the daughter of Virginia's father Joe from a previous marriage. After her parents had separated in 1946, Susan departed with her mother. Virginia was born a short time later.


Virginia Burns

For years, when Virginia saw pictures of her father with a small child, she assumed that it was of her. However, Joe claimed that it was not her but was the daughter of her mother's friend. When she was six, Joe gave her a doll; she asked him to name it, and he suggested "Sweet Sue." After Joe died, Virginia's mother revealed that her father had been previously married and that the baby in the picture was her long-lost sister Susan. She began searching for her sister. One of the pictures of her dad with a little girl had "Susan and I in Hugo" written on the back in Joe's handwriting. Joe had lived in Hugo, Colorado in 1942. Virginia learned that Joe fell in love with a woman named Diana, whose mother owned the cafe where he worked. She now knew that Diana was Susan's mother, and that the two ran away before Susan was born. However, they divorced in 1946, and Joe later met Dolly, Virginia's mother, and they then had her. Now knowing the sad story of their separation, Virginia wants to find her long-lost half-sister.

Sue and virginia

Virginia and Susan

Extra Notes: This segment was featured as part of the April 25, 1997 episode.
Results: Solved. Moments after the story ran, Susan's ex-husband watching the segment called the phone center then notified Susan directly. Susan had been likewise been looking for her relatives since she had turned twenty-one. Virginia and Susan were over-joyed to have been reconnected and have since been reunited. At their reunion, Virginia brought the doll that their father had given her with Susan's name. Since their reunion, Virginia and Susan have been overjoyed to discover how much they have in common; they like the same food and clothes, have the same hobbies, even talk alike. The sisters continue to keep in touch. 
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