Susan jacobson

Susan Jacobson

Real Name: Susan Jacobson
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Staten Island, New York
Date: May 15, 1976


Details: On May 15, 1976, fourteen-year-old Susan Jacobson left her Staten Island home to go to a job interview at an ice cream parlor. When she didn't return for dinner, her parents contacted police. The police claimed that she had probably run away with her boyfriend and refused to search for her. Two weeks later, the Jacobsons asked psychic Dorothy Allison to help with the case.
Dorothy Allison asked the missing girl's parents what the numbers "2, 5, 6, 2" would mean, and they said that the numbers were Allison's birthday, February 5, 1962. Dorothy then asked about the numbers "408 or 405" and found out the missing girl was born at 4:05 am. She asked what "Mar" meant and stated that she wanted to see Mar. Dorothy then dropped a bombshell and stated that Susan had been strangled by her boyfriend. The authorities refused to work with a psychic, but Bill, Susan's father, worked with the clues involving an abandoned car, letters "MAR" in red spray paint, the smell of oil, two sets of dual church steeples, two smoke stacks, swamps and marshes. The Jacobsons searched Staten Island, but were unable to figure out what the clues meant.
Suspects: Susan's boyfriend was considered a suspect by Dorothy.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the May 6, 1988 episode featuring psychic Dorothy Allison.
Susan's case was solved prior to the broadcast; it was profiled to demonstrate Dorothy Allison's psychic abilities.

Dency hawkins susan jacobson

Dempsey Hawkins

Results: Solved. Susan's parents continued searching until they found a place called "Downback" which had an abandoned World War I ship yard, and they found a rock that had the letters "MAR" in red spray paint. All the clues helped Bill to find the area where Susan's body would eventually be found two years later in two oil drums. From standing where Susan's body was found, a person could see two church steeples, two smoke stacks and an abandoned car. Susan had been strangled to death and placed in the oil drum, hence the smell of oil, and then thrown into a hole with a water-filled swamp below.
Dempsey Hawkins, Susan's boyfriend, was arrested, tried, and convicted of her murder, just as Dorothy predicted. In 2017, Dempsey Hawkins was paroled and deported from the United States.

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