Stryder styarfyr1

Stryder Starfyre

Real Name: Daniel Clement Chafe
Aliases: Gwydyn Styder, Curtis Jacoby, Stryder Styarfyr
Wanted For: Rape, Child Molestation
Missing Since: 1998


Details: After a late summer fishing trip in 1998, Stryder Styarfyr and a friend were returning home when Styarfyr reached for a beer and apparently fell overboard and vanished. The apparent drowning of Stryder Styarfyr has been in question ever since, as authorities believe that he had a good reason to disappear: ten days after he supposedly fell off the boat, he was going to go on trial in Roseburg, Oregon, for rape. Stryder Styarfyr first surfaced in Oregon in July of 1985, where he met Mary Beth Havel at a local fair. Stryder Styarfyr pictured himself the heir of a Celtic clan with visions of himself living in a cult surrounded by several young wives, and it is this delusional thinking that may get him arrested. He and Mary Beth fell in love and were soon married, and by the 1990s, they had settled down in Roseburg with their son and daughter. "Lisa", the teenage daughter of a close friend of the Styarfyr's visited them often and she became like a second daughter to them. Styarfyr often told romantic tales about being in the Special Forces in Vietnam, about spying for the CIA, or fighting alongside the Irish Republican Army. He also claimed that he was the last surviving member of a Scottish clan, called the House of Ellen Styr, and he even had a letter that claimed that he was an heir to the clan's fortune.
As Lisa grew up, she continued to spend time with the Styarfyrs, and Stryder was always there for her, but according to the then-14 year old, that all changed one night at the Styarfyr home, when Stryder seduced her and then had sexual relations with her, and for more than a year, she kept it a secret. But Stryder's carefully crafter persona began to crumble, especially after he brought home his new Internet business partner and told his wife Mary that she would be his second wife. Within a few weeks, Mary filed for divorce. However, it wasn't until after the divorce that Mary learned how horrible Styarfyr truly was. Lisa ran away from home and left a note behind that mentioned the abuse by Stryder. Mary then learned from Lisa's stepfather about the sexual abuse, as it was mentioned in the note. A day later, Lisa returned and talked to the police. Styarfyr was formally indicted on felony rape and sexual assault charges, and authorities would soon learn that Lisa was not the only victim of Styarfyr.
Years earlier, a young girl, "Debbie", who was close to the family, often babysat for the children, and was first sexually assaulted by Styarfyr when she was in 9th grade. Styarfyr was arrested and was released on his own recognizance while awaiting trial, and then, just ten days before the trial, he vanished suspiciously. Police found that it was strange that the boat that Styarfyr and his friend were apparently on was dry and that all of the fishing gear was stowed away. Inside his pick-up truck, authorities were surprised to find a driver's license for Daniel Chafe, which turned out to be Styarfyr's real name and that "Stryder Styarfyr" was just an alias. Another alias Chafe has used is "Curtis Jacoby". Also, authorities have discovered that Chafe had never served in Vietnam, never worked the CIA or the IRA, and that he most likely is still alive, especially after several reported sightings throughout the country since he vanished. Chafe is wanted for 13 counts relating to the rape and sexual abuses of minors.
Extra Notes: This segment originally aired on the July 8, 2002 episode of Unsolved Mysteries. He was also featured on America’s Most Wanted.
Results: Captured - Stryder (a.k.a. Chafe) had been spotted in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Canada before he was finally captured in Bozeman, Montana on January 15, 2014. He pleaded guilty to four sexual abuse and rape charges and was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison.

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