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Sharon Kinne

Real Name: Sharon Elizabeth Kinne
Aliases: La Pistolera
Wanted For: Murder, Escape
Missing Since: December 7, 1969


Details: On March 19, 1960, twenty-year-old Sharon Kinne called the police in Independence, Missouri to report the death of her twenty-five-year-old husband, James. He was found shot to death on his bed with a .22 caliber target pistol next to him. When interviewed by the police the next day, Sharon claimed that her husband was cleaning his gun in the bedroom when he decided to take a nap. Their two-year-old daughter came in and started playing with gun when it went off and shot him in the head. Investigator James Browning was suspicious of the story; however, with no other witnesses and little physical evidence, there was little else that could be done. The insurance company believed that James's death was an accident, so Sharon collected $29,000 (now over $150,000) in life insurance. Sharon did not act the role of a grieving wife; she purchased a flashy sports car with her husband's insurance and took up with the married man she bought the car from, Walter Jones.

  • James Kinne
  • Patricia Jones

Sharon wanted him to leave his wife and children. She eventually claimed she was pregnant, but Jones would not marry her as he was already married. So, she decided that she would permanently separate the couple. In May of 1960, she called Walter's wife Patricia and claimed that he was having an affair with her "sister". Patricia agreed to meet with Sharon, but she asked a friend to come with her. When they met, Sharon asked if the two could go somewhere alone. Patricia reluctantly agreed and was never seen again.
The next day, a search began for Patricia. Sharon herself volunteered to help look for her. She enlisted the help of another lover, John Boldizs. Later that night, the couple went to a popular lover's lane. While there, Sharon "noticed" the body of Patricia Jones laying in a nearby field. John said that they had to go to the police, but Sharon told him to drop her off first and not tell the police that she was with him. John, however, told police that she was with him and the investigators became very suspicious.
Prosecutors charged Sharon with the murders of Patricia Jones and James Kinne. Patricia's case was tried first because the evidence in that case was considered the strongest. However, the murder weapon, another .22 caliber target pistol, had not been located. Sharon's celebrity status seemed to charm the all-male jury. After ten days, the jury deliberated for only an hour and a half before returning a "not guilty" verdict. Shockingly, after the verdict was read, the courtroom erupted in cheers; jurors and spectators flocked to Sharon, asking for her autograph.
Kinne's glory was short-lived. Immediately after Patricia's trial, she was put on trial for James's murder. In that case, she was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. The star witness for the prosecution was John Boldizs, who testified that Sharon had once offered him $1,000 to kill her husband. In March of 1963, the Missouri Supreme Court overturned her conviction on a legal technicality. She was released on a $25,000 bond, pending re-trial.
Almost immediately, she had a new lover. The couple decided to go to Mexico for a vacation. She wrote a series of bad checks and vanished for Mexico in September 1964. While in Mexico, she shot and killed another lover, Francisco Ordonoz, before getting turned over to the Mexican police. Despite her plea of self-defense, she was convicted of Francisco's murder. The gun used in the Patricia Jones murder was recovered in Mexico, and Kinne received an extra thirteen years to her sentence after trying to appeal her conviction.

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Sharon Kinne Age Progression

Complaining constantly about the state of the Ixtapalapa Women's Prison, she somehow escaped on December 7, 1969, by squeezing through an unguarded window. Her whereabouts are unknown. She may have stayed in Mexico, or she may have gone to Alaska, where she has relatives. Some rumors that she never turned up again is that she's actually deceased, but this has yet to be confirmed. Sharon is 5'7" and 125 pounds with gray eyes, blond hair and would now be seventy-seven-years-old. Her birth date is November 30, 1939.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 29, 1998 episode.
Sharon Kinne was also profiled on the series Deadly Women and A Crime to Remember.
Interestingly, one of Kinne's attorneys, Alex Peebles, had another client that was featured on Unsolved Mysteries, accused murderer Mike Cline.
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