Shadow dog

Shadow the dog

Real Name: Shadow the Dog
Case: Animal Heroes
Location: Spokane, Washington
Date: 2001


Details: In 1991, Darlene Werremeyer was diagnosed with diabetes, and had a series of medical setbacks. While recovering from open heart surgery, she suffered a stroke and for a while she lost her ability to speak. Then after several years of therapy, Darlene was able to speak again but had stuttering problems, until she was at a family reunion in 2001 and a schnauzer named Maggie helped her to be calm and she was able to speak well.
Darlene werremeyer

Darlene Werremeyer

Darlene told her neruologist, who gave her a prescription for a dog, a schnauzer named Shadow. As the weeks went by, Darlene's speech began to improve thanks to Shadow. Then, one afternoon, Darlene sat down for a nap a quickly dozed off. However, Shadow was alarmed and would not let her sleep. Darlene then decided to check her glucose level of her blood, which was dangerously low, which could cause her to lapse in a coma. Darlene is now certain that she was saved by Shadow. Both Darlene and Nancy are glad to be alive thanks to their dogs.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the July 15, 2002 episode, as a part of a segment focusing on pets that can detect illnesses in their owners, along with Mia the dog.
Results: Unsolved

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