Scott enyart

Real Name: Scott Enyart
Case: Robbery/Conspiracy
Date: June 5, 1968
Location: Los Angeles, California


Details: Scott Enyart was a photographer who was present on June 5, 1968, at the Ambassador Hotel when senator Robert F. Kennedy was shot and killed. Enyart claims that he took a total of three rolls of film, the first depicted Robert Kennedy before he started his speech, the second depicted Kennedy actually being shot, and the third depicted the pandemonium in the ballroom after the shooting. Enyart claims that later during the night of the shooting, police officers chased him down and confiscated his rolls of films and negatives, presumably in order to use the photos as evidence. Enyart was brought in for questioning The LAPD later told Scott that they had his photographs, and that they, along with all of the other evidence and documents, would be sealed for twenty years. In 1988, he wrote to the LAPD asking for the return of the photos, but they claimed that they lost them a few months after the shooting. Enyart then filed a lawsuit against the police. Police later found a sheet of negatives that they believed were his, but he claims that he shot more than one roll of film, and that he used a different type of film than the one shown. In 1991, Enyart found a photograph of the pantry shortly after the shooting, and found him at the top of the picture with a camer and standing on the table. However, the police do not believe that the person in the photograph was Scott. In January of 1996, the city attorney's office hired a private courier to send the negatives to Los Angeles. On the way there, the courier got a flat tire that was slashed, and within the next ten minutes, the negatives were stolen. Many believe that Scott Enyart's photographs hold the key to the controversy over who really shot Robert Kennedy.
Suspects: It is unknown who may have stolen the negatives from the courier, but some believe that it may have been a conspiracy to keep the real truth about the shooting from being revealed.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the May 3, 1996 episode.
Results: Unresolved. In August of 1996, a Los Angeles jury awarded Scott Enyart $465,000 in his claim against the city. The jury believed that Enyart was in the pantry when Kennedy was shot and that he took three rolls of film. The city was found to be negligent in returning the photographs that the police had confiscated. Despite this, the photographs have never been found.
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