Doris smith1

Real Name: Unrevealed
Case: Lost Rescuers
Location: Laddonia, Missouri
Date: September 17, 1995


Details: Deputy Sheriff Doris Smith is the deputy sheriff for the Miller County Sheriff's Department in Missouri. She was transporting a female prisoner in her squad car to a facility four hours away when her son Thomas Wright had a dream of her getting attacked. The dream was accurate; the prisoner had broke loose in the vehicle near Laddonia and was fighting Doris trying to get a hold of her gun when two law-abiding good samaritans rushed to the scene and subdued the female prisoner until Doris could get a hold on her. The two rescuers departed the scene before Doris could thank them, but she recalls they were in a a pre-1995 dark blue Chevy truck pulling a blue and white boat on a hitch.

Doris smith5 actual photograph of men's truck

Photograph of Saviors' truck

The incident occurred on Highway 19, about 50 miles from Mark Twain Lake. Thomas and Doris would like to meet those two men to thank them for saving her life.
Extra Notes: This story was featured as part of segment on psychic visions on the May 28, 1999 episode.
Results: Unsolved