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Steve newton

Steve Newton

Real Name: Unknown
Case: Lost Rescuer
Location: Immokalee, Florida
Date: August 27, 1995


Details: On August 27, 1995, Steve and Cheron Newton's first daughter, Virginia, was born at Naples Community Hospital in Naples, Florida. Steve had come straight to the hospital from work the night before, and at 2pm he was riding home on his motorcycle to get the family car on the highway near Immokalee. Over the previous week, there had been several thunderstorms, but by that day they had cleared. However, there still were several dangerous patches of water along the road. Then Steve hit one of those and was thrown from his bike several feet into a small pond and knocked unconscious. He would have died had it not been for an unknown woman who arrived and saved him from drowning. She pulled him by her car and resuscitated him, and waited until the paramedics arrived, gave the police a statement, and then left without leaving her name. Twenty minutes later, Steve was taken to the same hospital that his daughter had been born at hours earlier. A year later, he is on disability and suffers from occasional seizures, but without the mysterious stranger, he would not be alive today. He and Cheron want to find and thank her for saving his life.

Extra Notes: This case first on the November 15, 1996 episode.
Tami steve and daughter

Steve with his daughter and Tammy

Results: Solved. On the night of the broadcast, a woman recognized the story as one told by a coworker of hers, Immokalee resident Tammy Dotson. Tammy then called the phone center on December 19, 1996. Coincidentally, Steve's father-in-law and her boyfriend are both employed at the Hendry Correctional Institute. The two men connected and passed her information to Steve, who immediately called her. In January 1997, they were reunited and Steve brought Virginia with him. Now, he and Cheron have another daughter, which would never have happened had it not been for Tammy saving his life.
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