Salvatore caruana1

Salvatore Caruana

Real Name: Salvatore Michael Caruana
Aliases: John Michael Hurley, Vincent Spirito, "Face", Mickey
Wanted For: Drug-Smuggling, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering
Missing Since: May 1987


Details: Salvatore Caruana is a career criminal wanted for smuggling narcotics and connections to organized crime. He was first arrested in 1954 for armed robbery and possession of firearms, but later moved to narcotics as a mob soldier in New England in the 1970s. In 1979, one distributor bought 4 million dollars from Caruana. He was the supervisor at the operations, arrive at the place where the marijuana was stored, weighed it exactly, and made sure everything was correct before the smuggling.
After being arrested on November 27, 1983 for possession of $40 million of marijuana, along with smuggling and drug trafficking, Caruana faced a life sentence. However, he paid his own $500,000 bail and vanished on April 2, 1984, two days before his trial was set to begin. In 1985, a multi-state task force was established by the drug administration organization, and confirmed that smuggling was only a facade for a much larger operation of money laundering.
On February 6, 1987, his home was raided in Peabody, Massachusetts. Outside, there were several security cameras and an advanced security system. Inside, they found several hidden passages with several weapons. They were able to trace him to a condo in East Hampton, Connecticut, but when the FBI arrived, he again vanished. They learned he used several computer programs to contact his partners in the operation, along with his wife.
Then, on May 23, 1987, in Groton, Connecticut, FBI and narcotics agency tracked him to a local motel, but he had vanished before they arrived. In the room, they found that he had a number of automatic weapons. They first thought that he had just left minutes earlier, but then they found spoiled food and newspapers that suggested that he was missing for several weeks. His van, keys, wallet, and camera case (which held a submachine gun) were also missing. A month later, however, the van was found at a police impound lot. It had previously been found abandoned at a Connecticut truck stop. Investigators determined that the van had been wiped clean.
Based on the evidence, the FBI believed that Caruana might have been murdered by the mob, but the fact that there was no body suggested that he was still alive and that he had staged his disappearance and possible death. Caruana is 6'0" tall, 180 pounds, has brown eyes and black hair, and should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. If he is still alive, he would be 78 years old.
Extra Notes: This segment originally ran on the November 8, 1989 episode, which also featured a roll-call of wanted individuals including Lavada Floyd, Richard Joseph Alvarado, William McGeehee, and Alvaro Zapata.
Results: Wanted. In October 1990, the remains of three men were found buried underneath a garage in Hamden, Connecticut. One body was positively identified as Theodore Berns, while the other two were never identified. However, some sources claimed that Caruana was one of the other victims. Berns was allegedly having an affair with Caruana's wife after Caruana went on the run in 1984. According to mob associate Jack Johns, he, Caruana, William Grasso, and two other mob associates murdered Berns and buried him under the garage in 1986. Before his death in 1989, Grasso told Johns that he had Caruana killed and that Caruana's body was also buried under the garage.
However, it is unknown if the remains found under the garage were ever identified as Caruana's. He is still listed as a wanted fugitive.

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