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Ryan Stallings

Real Name: Ryan Stallings
Case: Suspicious Death
Location: Jefferson County, Missouri
Date: July 8, 1989


Details: When five-month-old Ryan Stallings became violently ill, his mother, Patricia, rushed him to to the hospital, but she became misdirected, and eventually took him to another one. Doctors were able to stabilize his conditions, but their conclusions from his symptoms made them think that he might have been poisoned. Several weeks later, he passed away, and again poisoning was suspected. Patricia was convicted of poisoning him and was sent to prison swearing of her innocence.
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Patricia Stallings

Suspects: Although the authorities claimed that Patricia murdered Ryan, her supporters believed that he died from MMA.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 8, 1991 episode, but it was covered in greater detail in the Court TV "Forensic Files."
Results: Solved. This case dragged out much longer as doctors interested in it suspected Ryan actually suffered from MMA, a rare genetic disorder similar but not identical to antifreeze poisoning. After two more trials, Patricia was finally exonerated of the so-called abuse charges.
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