Rufino castaneda

Rufino Castaneda

Real Name: Rufino Castaneda
Aliases: Rufino Nova
Wanted For: Rape, Abduction, Attempted Murder
Missing Since: November 2000


Details: On November 1, 2000, a young woman, nicknamed "Laurie" and her friend went to a popular hangout for college students in Mishawaka, Indiana, and set up the pool table, and although they weren't aware of it, the girls had caught the attention of several men at the bar. Laurie left her friend briefly to get a drink at the bar and the men there were apparently fixated with her, and she felt uncomfortable so she walked away. As she moved through the bar, she paused near an exit when without warning a group of men surrounded her and abducted her from the bar and then pushed her into a car. She tried to scream, but the car had already driven away from the bar and she was being restrained by a man in the back seat. Twenty minutes later, the two men, who spoke in Spanish, got into an argument and the driver then pulled off the road and left, and the other man then pulled Laurie into the front and he drove them to a nearby apartment and he dragged her to the front door and along the way she picked up anything that she could use as a weapon, but it only made her assailant more angry and her then took her into a bedroom and violently raped her.
Rufino castaneda laurie

"Laurie" a.k.a. Christina Steinbergs

After the assault, Laurie used all the power she could and kicked her attacker, which gave her enough time to get up and run into the living room, throwing furniture in his path, but the man was able to catch up with her and threw her at a wall and tried to strangle her to death. Knowing that she was going to die, Laurie tried one last chance to escape by kicking her assailant in the gut, and it worked. The man fell back and she then ran out the back door and hid behind a dumpster. She heard the man run by, but waited several minutes before she went out and called 911 from a payphone. Police responded to the scene immediately and Laurie retraced her steps back to the apartment where the attack occurred. They got a search warrant and found that everything was identical to Laurie's story and found out that the owner was the ex-girlfriend of a violent man named Rufino Castaneda, and he became the prime suspect. Castaneda had a history of choking and assaulting another woman and he was identified by Laurie as her attacker. Castaneda vanished the day after he attacked Laurie and has not been seen since. Investigators believe a relative of Castaneda was the driver of the car, but never had enough evidence to arrest him. Castaneda is wanted on rape and confinement charges.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the August 28, 2002 episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Castaneda was also profiled on America’s Most Wanted.
Results: Captured. In October of 2007, Mexican authorities received an anonymous tip that Castaneda was living in a house in Central Mexico and he was soon arrested there. In April of 2008, he was extradited to Indiana to face trial. He was convicted of rape, abduction, and attempted murder, and sentenced to 55 years in prison. After Castenada's arrest, "Laurie" finally revealed her true identity, Christina Steinbergs.

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