Ron rushton

Ron Rushton

Real Name: Ronald Rushton
Aliases: Ron Rushton
Wanted For: Fraud and Escape
Missing Since: November 10, 1988


Details: Ron Rushton is wanted for bilking homeowners via a fraudulent real estate firm that would acquire title and supposedly make the mortgage payments for them. Rushton was eventually captured in Reno, Nevada, but escaped from a minimum security prison in 1988.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the April 26, 1989 episode.
Results: Captured. In San Francisco, Rushton was arrested and taken to San Diego, where he stood trial for fraud and escape. He was sentenced to 110 years imprisonment. In addition, using records from his scam operation, Rushton was ordered to make restitution to all those he had bilked, but that is ongoing.

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