Rodger Lindsley

Rodger Lindsley

Real Name: Rodger Lindsley
Case: Lost Foster Son
Location: Queens, New York
Date: 1967


Details: Jean Warren is searching for her long lost foster son, Rodger Lindsley, whom she, her husband Don and their three daughters took care of for three years in Queens, New York. Jean had been a foster child herself, so she and her family felt that they should do the same for a child in need. The family took Rodger in on May 7, 1964; although he was shy at first and was a slow learner, Rodger quickly adapted and began to love his foster family. Rodger was especially close to the youngest daughter, Donna, who was one year older than him. Donna often helped Rodger and taught him new things like tying his shoes. Jean felt that within a year, Rodger had developed very well and had grown to be a part of the Warren family.

Jean Warren

Rodger lived happily with the Warren family for three years. In 1967, however, the Warrens had to move to Ohio because of Don's job. They learned that they could not adopt Rodger because he still had other family members in the area. They also learned that they could not take Rodger out of the state because he was a foster child. Despite the fact that Rodger had relatives in the area, the Warrens were told that he would have to go to another foster family. Jean was especially shocked when the social worker told her that the new family did not speak English. However, at this point, the Warrens could do nothing and were forced to give Rodger away.
That day, the social worker left with Rodger; when she put him in the car, Rodger stuck his hand out the car window and cried, asking for Jean to take him back. Unfortunately, the Warrens could do nothing but watch as Rodger was taken away. The Warrens never saw Rodger again; they are now searching for him.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the February 16, 1996 episode.

  • Rodger reunited with the Warren family
  • James and Rodger reunited

Results: Solved. Rodger Lindsley was watching the broadcast and called the telecenter; he was thrilled to hear that Jean was looking for him. Surprisingly, just a few minutes later, Unsolved Mysteries received a call from a man named James Lindsley, who is Rodger's biological brother. Rodger and James had been separated as young children and had not seen each other in almost thirty years.
On March 8, 1996, Rodger was reunited with Jean and her family at the Warren home in Ohio. Soon after, Rodger's brother James arrived and the two were reunited. Rodger and James were also later reunited with their other brother, Phillip, thier father, Phillip Sr., and the rest of their family.
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