Robin stevens cheri sizemore

Robin Stevens and Cheri Sizemore

Real Name: Robin Stevens and Cheryl "Cheri" Sizemore
Aliases: Penny and Tracy Donald
Wanted For: Theft, Fraud
Missing Since: 1990


Details: In 1990, Young-Sun Kim placed an ad for a roommate in her home, and recieved a response from a mother and daughter calling themselves Penny and Tracy Donald. When she returned home to Tampa, Florida from a vacation, she discovered her roomates had disappeared with all of her jewelry and valuables. Police investigations revealed that the two women were not mother and daughter, but were actually Robin Stevens and Cheri Sizemore, a con-artist team responsible for several other crimes.
Extra Notes: This case was featured as a part of the November 13, 1991 episode.
The case is not to be confused with another con-woman team, Rose Turford and Carolyn Stevens.
Results: Captured. When the story first aired, Unsolved Mysteries recieved a call from a woman named Sheri Lowe, who recognized Robin Stevens as her sister-in-law, Robin Lowe, who mysteriously vanished in 1987. Soon after that update, Lowe and Sizemore were arrested. They each received five years in prison.
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