Robert weeks

Robert Weeks

Real Name: Robert Dean Weeks
Aliases: Robert Smith, Charles Stolzenburg
Wanted For: Murder
Missing: 1986


Details: Robert Weeks has been connected to the disappearances of Cynthia Jabour, Carol Ann Riley and Patricia Weeks, three women who each vanished after dining with him and indicating they intended to end the relationship, except in Patricia's case. She was filing for a divorce when she vanished in June 1968. Cynthia disappeared on October 5, 1980, and Carol Ann on April 5, 1986.

Cynthia, carol, and patricia weeks

Cynthia Jabor, Carol Ann Riley, and Patricia Weeks

No trace of them has ever been found and it is believed Weeks may have something to do with their disappearances. The police have turned the heat up on him and are trying to bring him to justice. Another victim, Jim Shaw, Weeks former buisness partner, disappeared in 1971. Their bodies are believed to be buried in collapsed mineshafts between Las Vegas and San Diego.
Extra Notes: This case first aired the May 26, 1987 episode.
Results: Captured. Weeks was captured after being identified by acquaintances in Tucson the day after the broadcast. He was charged in the first-degree murders of Patricia Weeks and Cynthia Jabour and sentenced to life in prison. He was questioned in Carol Ann Riley's and Shaw's cases, but it's unclear if he has been charged in their presumed murders. He died in prison in Nevada in 1996.

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