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Real Name: Robert "Bobby" Hamrick
Nicknames: None
Location: Rock Creek, Ohio
Date: March 10, 1970


Details: During the late sixties, the village of Rock Creek, Ohio, was being terrorized by a gang of "red-neck" thugs. In 1969, Robert Hamrick was hired as the Chief of Police, and he was determined to put an end to the gang's activities. Hamrick was soon the target of harassment directed at him and his family. Five months later, Hamrick investigated an abandoned building which held a Corvette that had been stolen from Cleveland. Several gang members were arrested and then put out on bail. His family continued to receive threats from the gang members.
On March 10, 1970, Hamrick was in pursuit of a speeding car when radio contact was suddenly lost. Four hours later, he was found mortally wounded in his car, the victim of a pursuit with another car, but then it was believed that the gang might have carried out his murder. Robert's car was found struck into a tree, and some suspected that he had been beaten with his baton after the crash, although the evidence was inconclusive. The car's lights and ignition were turned off, and the key was broke off in the ignition. His baton and brief case were not at the scene. Ten days later, March 20, he died.
His death was ruled accidental, and his injuries attributed to the crash (the entire left half of his skull was crushed, from front to back, and yet, no glass was broken on the car). However, one woman claimed that she had overheard several gang members bragging about killing Hamrick. No one has ever been arrested in connection to Robert Hamrick's death, though the names and locations of the suspects were available. The suspects admit being chased by Hamrick, but claim that they eluded him and knew nothing of his accident.
Suspects: The members of the Rock Creek Gang
Extra Notes: This segment originally aired on the November 20, 1991 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
Results: Unsolved

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