Robert dirscherl1

Robert Dirschel

Real Name: Robert Dirscherl
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Dunedin, Florida
Date: March 13, 1977


Details: On March 13, 1977, fifty-four year old Robert and Jinny Dirscherl of Dunedlin, Florida were getting dressed for church. Sometime during the morning, Jinny heard strange loud sounds coming from her bedroom, and minutes later found her husband Robert dead in their bedroom, apparently shot to death. Police soon concluded that Robert had commited suicide and the case was closed. In March of 1993, Robert's son, Guy, recieved a letter that said, "I have AIDS. I am dying. I must make my peace with the Lord. I killed your daddy 15 years ago. He found me in his bedroom. I had no choice. Please pray for me," The Dirscherls began re-investigating the case and found many inconsistencies, including that Robert was depressed because of a surgery that he had two years earlier, although his family claimed that that was incorrect. Robert's wife, Jinny, felt that the police had botched the investigation of his death. Then in February of 1995, Jinny's sister, Fran, met a woman at a train station who claimed to be a psychic and who told her that she had had a vision of Robert's murder. Apparently, when Robert was going into his closet, he saw a man in the other room; a fight ensued, and Robert was then shot. Robert's family believes that these revelations suggest that Robert was actually murdered.
Suspects: Robert's family believes that the letter writer was the killer. The letter was postmarked March 13, 1993, and was mailed from Tampa, Florida.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the February 14, 1997 episode. Some sources spell Robert's last name "Dirschel".
Results: Unresolved. It has since been discovered that the Dirschels had a neighbor who was a teenager  at the time of Robert's death. The neighbor had been in the Dirschel home several times before and years later had died of AIDS. The Dirschel family believes that the neighbor was responsible for Robert's death. However, the police still consider his death a suicide, so they cannot get a final resolution until his death is ruled a homicide. Sadly, Robert's wife, Jinny, died in 2000 without ever seeing her husband's death resolved.

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