Carol, ringo, and ray steiner

Carol and Ray Steiner with Ringo

Real Name: Ringo the Cat
Case: Unusual Phenomenon
Location: Bowling Green, Ohio
Date: August 1995


Details: In the Summer 1995, Ray and Carol Steiner were at home recovering from surgeries and realized they were suffering from headaches and memory loss. In August, their cat, Ringo, began acting strangely and was trying to get Carol outside. He led her to the side of the house and began digging in the landscaping, and the smell of lethal gas came out of the ground. The gas company found a leak and Ringo had led them to it. Ray and Carol are certain that Ringo saved their lives.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the January 3, 1997 episode, about cases of animal heroes, along with Boo the dog and Oscar the dog.
Results: Unsolved. No explanation for Ringo's heroism has ever been found. Sadly, Ray Steiner, Ringo's owner, passed away in February 2014.

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