Sharon shaw and rhonda johnson

Sharon (left) and Rhonda (right)

Real Names: Rhonda Johnson and Sharon Shaw
Nicknames: Renee Johnson
Location: Galveston, Texas
Date: August 4, 1971


Details: On August 4, 1971, Rhonda Johnson and Sharon Shaw vanished in Galveston, Texas. In early 1972, their bodies were recovered from the waters of the Taylor Bayou in Jefferson County. In June 1972, Michael Lloyd Self was arrested for their murders. However, he claimed that his "confession" to two police officers were coerced, and that those same police officers were later arrested for robbery. In 1973, he was convicted of the murders, and sentenced to life in prison, although the only evidence police actually had was the "confession", and that he knew the girls. He continues to maintain his innocence and has many supporters that believe he is innocent as well.
Suspects: Although Michael was initially considered a suspect, and then considered their killer, authorities now believe that someone else was responsible for the murders, and that they may have been victims of a serial killer in the Galveston area.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 19, 1993 episode.
Results: Unresolved. Michael died in prison in 2000, without ever being exonerated for the murders. However, police believe now that he was framed by two corrupt police officers who coerced him into confessing to the murders. Now, investigators believe that an unknown serial killer is responsible for the murders, along with the murders of Debbie Ackerman, Maria Johnson, Brooks Bracewell, and Georgia Geer. Edward Bell, the murderer of Larry Dickens, has been named a "person of interest" in these six murders.

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