Randy spears

Real Name: Randy Spears
Occupation: Rancher
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
Date Of Birth: Unrevealed
Location: California


Background: Randy Spears is a California rancher and cowboy. During Labor Day weekend in 1995, a local woman named Milly McGregor went on a hike alone in the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California and got lost. Two days after she vanished, Randy learned about Milly's disappearance. He reported that he had a psychic vision telling him where Milly was. In the vision, he saw the silhouette a Sierra peak, about fifty miles from his ranch. He was certain that he would find her on the mountain's southern slope.
Sometime after midnight, Randy left with his friend Frank Smith and the two drove to the mountains. During the drive, he pointed out a specific spot where he believed Milly was located. The next morning, he and Frank went to the search command center. They convinced others to follow them to the specific area on the mountain. Forty-five minutes of riding took them about three miles from the command center. Randy and Frank separated to cover more ground. Within minutes, he found Milly on a mountain, exhausted but alive.
Milly explained that her heart medication had caused her problems and made it difficult for her to find her way back to safety. She was overjoyed to see Randy and know that she would finally be rescued. A few minutes later, Randy, Frank, and Milly returned to the command center. She was then reunited with her family.
Milly believes that God answered her prayers through Randy Spears.
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Notes: The case was featured as a part of the May 17, 1996 episode.
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