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Ralph Probst's wife found him shot to death in 1967.

Real Name: Ralph Probst
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Illinois
Date: April 10, 1967


Details: Thirty-year-old Ralph Probst was an Illinois Sheriff's officer in Cook County, but on April 10, 1967, Ralph and his wife were watching the Oscars when Ralph decided to go to the kitchen. His wife came into the kitchen soon afterwards to find out that he had been shot to death through his kitchen window. On the day that he was laid to rest, his partner, Bob Borowski, vowed to catch his killer. The two first met in 1964, when they were both assigned to the special elite tactical squad. A few months before Ralph's death, he and Bob were assigned to guard notorious mobster Sam DeStefano, and when Ralph handcuffed Sam, who was ill in the hospital, to his bed, he told Ralph that he was going to kill him. Police found out that Ralph had been shot with a rare gun that had only recently been produced. Nobody witnessed the gunman, while some did here a shot. Sam DeStefano was suspected, along with Ralph's wife. Both were later cleared of any involvement in the case, and police then began to suspect that Ralph may have been secretly working to bring down a vice ring. They suspected that a man named Frank Calvise might have been the killer, especially after Ralph had apparently visited Frank shortly before his death. Also, a man resembling Frank was looking at a home for sale across the street from Ralph. The man had asked if the layout was similar to the layout of the Probst home. In 1974, Frank Calvise died without ever being charged in the crime. Bob Borowski, however, will continue to search for his partner's killer.
Suspects: Sam DeStefano was first suspected, but later cleared. Ralph's wife, Marlene, was also suspected, but was later cleared as well. Frank Calvise then became the prime suspect, but was never charged.
Extra Notes: This segment ran for the first time on August 22, 1990.
Some references to this case claim the "the partner of Ralph Probst" was murdered, which is incorrect.
Results: Unsolved

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