Pat farmer

Pat Farmer

Real Name: Pat Farmer
Aliases: None Known
Wanted For: Kidnapping
Missing Since: December 11, 1990


Details: Pat Farmer is the mother of LaDonna Morrow. LaDonna had married her high school boyfriend, Brian Peters, and they had a son Jared, but by time he was three, their marriage had fallen apart. She took a full-time job and started going back to school, asking Pat to take care of Jared while she was away at work. Pat had been opposed to the divorce but agreed to these conditions. However, while he stayed with her, she began exposing him to Satanic and occultic imagery. LaDonna noticed that he would sometimes seem disturbed when she came to pick him up after work or classes. Over months, Pat began recording strange conversations between her and Jared and began editing them to make it sound like LaDonna and Neil, her new fiancé, were involved in Satanism and abusing him. In September 1989, she began playing them to Brian. During one of Jared's visits, he decided not to let LaDonna take him back with her.

Ladonna morrow and jared

LaDonna and Jared

At a custody hearing in December 1989, Pat submitted the tapes as evidence. LaDonna and Neil were accused of emotional and sexual abuse. Custody of Jared was given to the Department of Human Services and his parents were granted an hour each week to visit him. During one of Brian's visits, he told him that LaDonna and Neil weren't abusing him at all. Brian contacted the police immediately. In retaliation, Pat accused him of Satanism as well, though investigators found this to be false. After two months in custody, Jared was finally returned to LaDonna.
The court granted Pat a day each month to visit Jared. On a scheduled visitation day, December 11, 1990, she wanted to take him on an out-of-town trip but LaDonna refused. She was furious but finally agreed not to go. She was scheduled to bring him back at 9pm that evening, but she never showed up at the agreed upon location, even though LaDonna and Neil waited until midnight.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the December 18, 1991 episode.
Results: Captured. On August 20th, 1992, Pat and Jared were taken into custody by the FBI in Salt Lake City and he was returned to LaDonna.
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