Pat brown

Real Name: Unknown at broadcast
Case: Amnesia
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Date: July 13, 1994


Details: On July 13, 1994, a transient named Steve was walking along a stretch of road near Cheyenne, Wyoming, when he heard moaning sounds coming from a ditch and discovered a battered and shivering man, barely conscious, mumbling the names "Pat, Joel, Chris". Steve covered him with a blanket and asked for his name, but he couldn't remember it or anything else. Steve took him to a homeless shelter where he was named "Pat Brown" after one of the names that he was mumbling, and after he cleaned himself up he went to the local police station to see if anyone had reported him missing, but nobody had. He eventually found a job in Jackson Hole and a local attorney has taken the case to try and uncover his true identity. Some clues have surfaced from his hazy memory. First, he has a mark on his left ring finger which suggests that he may have once been married. He had a recurring dream in which he is in an outdoor shower at a campground when a 12-year-old boy walks up to him and says "Dad, Mom needs you to help Chris," and he responded, "Okay, Joel, tell her I'll be right there," and he believes his wife actually might be named Pat and that their two sons are named Chris and Joel. Those three names were the ones that he was saying when he was found. He has also discovered that he is good with numbers and that he may have had an accounting background. He understands how to read the stock pages in the Wall Street Journal. When he saw a movie filmed in Chicago, he was certain that he had been there, may have lived there, and had clues to his past there, but he was unable to get there. Finally, when he went to a Catholic mass, he knew all of the prayers and responses. Despite the clues, he has been unable to locate his identity.
Carl and his wife

Carl being reunited with his wife

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the April 10, 1998 episode.
Results: Solved. Pat has been identified as Carl Broadnik of Indianapolis, Indiana, after his family saw him and contacted the telecenter. He has since been reunited with them. Surprisingly, he had been wanted for embezzlement and had vanished before he was arrested. He pled guilty to the charges, paid for the embezzeled money and was put on probation. He claims to not have any memory of the crime.

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