Real Name: Pablo Torres
Nicknames: None
Location: Bronx, NY
Date: August 13, 1984

Bio Edit

Occupation: Minor
Date of birth: Unrevealed
Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Marital Status: Single
Characteristics: Torres is mildly mentally retarded.

Case Edit

Details: Pablo Torres, a 15-year-old Bronx resident who was mildly retarded, got separated from his friends en route to the World Trade Center and was unable to find his way home.
Suspects: None
Extra Notes: This case first aired on April 29, 1985 as part of Missing... Have You Seen This Person? Special #1.
Results: Solved. Police officers found Torres riding the subway on the night of his disappearance and placed him in a child care facility when he couldn't communicate his name or address. The staff at the facility recognized Torres' picture on a WNBC-TV "Childfind" segment and contacted authorities. Because Torres was found before the episode of "Missing" aired, the show edited the segment to show him being reunited with his father.

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