Olsen family

Olsen Family

Real Name: Olsen Family
Case: Unusual Phenomenon
Location: Elgin, Illinois
Date: May 1899, 1921, 1941, 1961, 1966


Details: Since 1899, ten members of the Olsen (Oleson) family of Illinois have been struck or had close encounters with lightning. Two members of the family have died as a result: 23-year-old Christ Olsen, who was killed while visiting his fiancee's home in May of 1899, and Christ's brother, Ole, in 1921. Afterwards, their sister Christine lived a life in fear.

In Spring 1941, Christine and her grandson, Bill, were nearly struck by lightning in her home. Two decades later, in 1961, ball lightning went into Bill's kitchen and barely missed him and his young daughter. Five years later, in 1966, Bill's cousin Connie was walking to her sister's car after leaving work when she was struck by lightning that shot off from the ground, and Connie was miraculously unharmed. When Bradley Hampbel, a fourth generation Olsen, visited his grandmother, he was nearly struck by lightning that went into the barn door.

Many believe that it is just a coincidence, but the family believes that their attraction to lightning may be related to genetics, or may even be something supernatural.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the February 21, 1997 episode.
Results: Unsolved
Links: None

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