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Obbie Gene Ward

Real Name: Obbie Ward
Nicknames: Gene Ward
Location: Elm City, North Carolina
Date: September 1, 1973


Details: On September 1, 1973, Obbie "Gene" Ward was working at the Southern 500 Truck Stop in Elm Ctiy, North Carolina, as a mechanic/ station attendent, when he was found dead, shot in the head. The Sheriff's department ruled it a suicide, but Gene's family did not believe this. They believed that he was happy at the time as he had just gotten re-married. For years, Gene's daughter Carolynn wondered what really happened to her father. Then in 2010, she was told by her uncle that he was in fact murdered and that the Sheriff's department had allegedly covered up the crime. She found in the coroner's report that Gene had been shot on the left side of the head from between three and five feet away. Also, there were no powder burns on his hands. Various files on Gene's death were destroyed during suspicious fires that Carolynn believes was a result of a cover-up. Carolynn found that Gene knew several of the Sheriff's deputies as they often visited the truck stop. He also apparently knew about the illegal activities that were occurring in the Sherrif's department. A new Sheriff has recently re-opened the case and interviewed the deputies and other witnesses that were at the truck stop that night. Their statements are inconsistent with what they gave back in 1973. Carolynn is convinced that her father was murdered by the Sheriff's deputies and will not stop until justice is served.
Suspects: The Sheriff's deputies are suspected of being involved in the case.
Extra Notes: The case was uploaded to the Unsolved Mysteries website on July 24, 2015. The person interviewed in the video is Gene's daughter Carolynn.
Results: Unsolved
Links: None

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