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Real Name: Nostradamus
Occupation: Psychic/Astrologer
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
Date Of Birth:


Background: Nostradamus was a 14th century seer and astrologer who described several visions of the future which he put down into numerous quatrains. Among his predictions were claims about about future events, such as Word War two, the assassination of JFK and nuclear destruction, hundreds of years after his death. Some scholars believe he may have predicted the end of the world and Y2K. However, many analysts believe his quatrains were so vague that they could be distorted into any possible events. His predictions were incorrect as the world did not end at the start of the millennium.
Case Files: Coming Up
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the May 28, 1999 episode concerning predictions about the New Millenium and Y2K.
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