Marilyn niqui mccown1

Niqui McCown with Bobby Webster

Real Name: Marilyn Renee Nicole McCown
Nicknames: Niqui
Location: Richmond, Indiana
Date: July 22, 2001


Occupation: Prison Guard
Date of Birth: January 6, 1973
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 115
Marital Status: Engaged
Characteristics: African-American female. Brown eyes, brown hair


Details: Twenty-eight-year-old prison guard Niqui McCown had a young daughter and was engaged to marry Robert "Bobby" Webster. On Sunday, July 22, 2001, just three weeks before her wedding, she arrived at her mother's home upset. She told her about an incident involving two men harassing her at a laundromat. She was afraid to go back there to get her laundry, but she eventually left. However, no one knows if she actually returned to the laundromat. Niqui vanished that day and has not been heard from since. The police could not find any signs of foul play nor a motive for her to vanish.
The day of her disappearance began like any other day. After attending church, Niqui set off to do the laundry while Bobby met the best man in his wedding at a local tuxedo shop. Bobby and Niqui planned to get together later that afternoon. The big event was just three weeks off and the bride-to-be wanted the special day to be extra special. She had a nine-year-old daughter from a prior relationship, and even her ex-boyfriend seemed happy for her. Niqui had always been a perfectionist, despite being the youngest and most precocious of ten kids in a close-knit family.
After her disappearance, her family and police looked into several theories about what may have caused her to vanish. They first suspected that she may have been abducted by the men from the laundromat. Bobby also came under suspicion after he began acting strangely in the weeks after her disappearance. Instead of postponing the wedding, he canceled it entirely. He also wanted to give his wedding band back, but the ring store manager would not allow it because Niqui had paid for the ring. He claims that he did this because he needed the money to search for her. Investigators asked him to take a polygraph test and he agreed. According to them, he failed. However, Bobby claims that he and his lawyer never were allowed to see the results. He has not been ruled out as a suspect.
Strangely, on November 5, months after she vanished, her SUV was found in an apartment complex parking lot in Dayton, Ohio. This was over forty-five minutes from her home in Richmond. Police found a popped-out door lock, an ignition that had been tampered with, and a missing stereo system. Her laundry was also still inside. No fingerprints were found in or around the car. Interestingly, her ex-boyfriend had lived in another part of the complex where the car was found. However, he had an alibi for the afternoon of Niqui's disappearance. He is not believed to have any connection to her disappearance.
Police did learn that she made a phone call to Dayton asking a coworker about hair and make-up products. The coworker said that she could purchase those items at a store in Dayton. The coworker lived about a mile from the apartment complex. It is believed that Niqui might have driven there. Some suggested that the person responsible for her disappearance may have driven her car there to take attention away from themselves. This led police right back to Bobby. However, he claims that he is innocent and knows nothing about her disappearance. Her sister believes that he is innocent. However, her mother is still suspicious of him.
Suspects: Niqui's fiancee Bobby Webster was under suspicion in her disappearance. He cancelled the wedding and tried to return his wedding band. He also failed a polygraph test. However, he has since been dropped as a suspect.
Two men who harassed Niqui at a laundromat were also considered possible suspects. However, they were never identified or located. Also, Niqui's laundry was found in her car, suggesting that she had left the laundromat safely. Finally, investigators located a surveillance video shot from across the street. It showed Niqui leaving the laundromat unharmed.
Niqui's car was found abandoned at the same apartment complex where her ex-boyfriend lived. However, he had an alibi: he was working on the day she vanished. His alibi, along with a passed polygraph, ruled him out as a suspect.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the September 19, 2002 episode. It was also profiled on the Investigation Discovery show Disappeared and Crime Watch Daily.

Tom swint

Tommy Swint

Results: Unresolved. Following Niqui's disappearance, police identified her former co-worker, Tommy Swint, as a suspect in her case. Swint later became a police officer, but was forced to resign after he failed to inform them that he was a suspect in Niqui's disappearance. Swint filed a lawsuit against the police department, claiming that he was never told that he was a suspect. However, the lawsuit was dismissed when the department brought out proof that Swint was informed that he was a suspect.
In November of 2007, as a result of media coverage about the lawsuit, an informant contacted the police. The informant told them to investigate Swint as a possible suspect in the murder of thirty-three-year-old Tina Marie Ivory. Tina was a prostitute from Dayton who was murdered on December 17, 1991. When police interviewed a former girlfriend of Swint's, she stated that he had previously dated Tina. She also said that a blanket Tina was found wrapped in was similar to one Swint had carried in his car. The girlfriend's nephew later told police that he remembered seeing a blood trail from his aunt's basement window to Swint's car.
In 2008, Niqui's sister publicly revealed that Niqui was having a relationship with her co-worker, Swint. Swint was a Trotwood, Ohio police officer, a former corrections officer and security guard. The two had met while working at the same corrections facility. On the day of Niqui's disappearance, she tried to contact her sister multiple times. Her sister believes that she was trying to talk to her about the affair. Swint had been considered a suspect since shortly after she vanished. Niqui's car was found near an apartment complex where Swint lived.
In May of 2008, DNA from semen and blood found on Tina Ivory was matched to Swint. A fingerprint on tape wrapped around her body was also matched to him. On February 3, 2010, he was indicted for Tina's murder. However, that same day, he committed suicide at his Alabama home. Police consider him the prime suspect in Niqui's disappearance. They also consider him a suspect in other murders. However, since he is now deceased, no charges can be filed. The police have also noted that Swint had another girlfriend at the time of Niqui's disappearance. They believe that she has important information about the case. However, she has been reluctant to speak with police.
Remains speculated to be Niqui's were found near Spencer, Indiana in November 2003 but DNA tests were inconclusive. She is still officially listed as missing.