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New orleans serial killer

A composite of the New Orleans Killer

Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: New Orleans Serial Killer
Wanted For: Murder, Attempted Murder, Abduction
Missing Since: October 1992


Details: New Orleans Police are searching for an unknown man that is believed to be responsible for eight or more murders. The first victim, seventeen year old Danielle Briton, was found on August 4, 1991, at an illegial dump site. The second victim, "Brenda", survived but was severly injured from the attack from the unknown man. The man began following Brenda one night while she was going to a friend's house.
Danielle briton

Danielle Briton

He abducted her and took her to the same site where Danielle woud be found and tried to strangle her. Brenda awoke the next day and described her attacker to police. A third victim, Charlene Price, would be found on September 22, 1991, dumped just one mile from where Danielle was found. The fourth victim was found on December 14 of 1991 and has never been identified. She was 5'2", 125 pounds, and had protruding front teeth. On January 14, 1992, 29 year old Lydia Madison was found murdered and was the fifth victim. She was found very close to police headquarters. Three other victims would later been found deceased. The total number of victims was now eight. Seven of the victims were found within a three mile radius. The man is described as clean cut, well dressed, and 5'10" with a muscular build. He was driving a blue Regal or Monte Carlo. He has never been identified.

Charlene price

Charlene Price

Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the October 21, 1992 episode.
Results: Unresolved. Victor Gant, a New Orleans Police Officer is suspected in two of the murders, one of them being his girlfriend. He has never been charged. However, in 1998, another suspect named Russell Ellwood was arrested for two of the murders. He was later charged with second degree murder in those two killings and is suspected in a total of eight murders. Police, however, believe that another suspect may still be out there and has never been identified.
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