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Nancy Myer

Real Name: Nancy Myer
Occupation: Police Psychic
Place Of Birth: Warwick, New York
Date Of Birth: June 7, 1945
Location: Greensburg, Pennsylvania


Background: Nancy Myer of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, is a police psychic that has worked with authorities around the country for over two decades. Of the 300 criminal cases that Nancy has worked on, she has given vital information to help solve 80% of them. Nancy's first major case was in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1977, when detective Leroy Landon asked her to help track down an unknown serial rapist. The police were, at first, skeptical about Nancy, and gave her few clues about the rapes to test her skill. At the home of the first victim, Nancy was able to improve on the victim's own sketch of the suspect, and the victim told the detectives that it was indeed more accurate. When they were leaving, the victim grabbed Nancy's hand, and all of a sudden Nancy saw the rape taking place and saw the face of the rapist. She then saw the rapist sleeping and saw that he was wearing a faded uniform. After the meeting, Nancy went into a trance-like state and went down the street, which happened every time after leaving a victim's house. Nancy always seemed to end up at the same street corner, but couldn't give the detectives a house number. Then, Nancy went to the spot where a rape had happened, and she felt something from the phone and jogged the victim's memory and found that the rapist had used the phone and the yellow pages, where police got fingerprints from. She soon went back to the streetcorner, and this time realized she had to go farther down the street, and finally found the house where the rapist supposedly went to daily. The detectives questioned the building's owner, and gave the name of the man who had refurbrished one of the apartments. The detectives found that he was at the local jail, but was in a work release program and went to the apartment often. His outfit and description matched what Nancy said exactly, and his fingerprints ended up matching those on the phone book, and all six victims identified him as the rapist. The man was charged and convicted of the rapes and sentenced to 150 years in prison. Nancy has been able to help several other cases since then, and still works on cases to this day.
Case Files:

Notes: The case primarily about Nancy and Jennifer Odom was featured as a part of the December 2, 1994 episode. Nancy was also featured in the March 15, 1996 episode about Michael Johnston and Rochelle Robinson. She was also featured on the show Unexplained Mysteries.

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